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Spurs v. Leicester post game 05/18/2017


I would have loved to have thought I could have predicted this score line. Two teams with nothing to play for really, no relegation threat, no chance of title or moving from 2nd to 3rd. One the road in Leicester on a rainy dreary night and the Spurs did what? 6-1?!?! and Kane went from two goals behind Lukaku, having been injured in 9 games this year, to eclipsing him by 2? I know you mathematicians out there now what my algebraic equation would be. But for those who just want an answer…. He hammered 4, yes 4 past Leicester today all of decent quality.They even had Sissoko playing right back because of the injuries to both Trippier and Walker? Leicester looked nothing of last season where they had already clinched by this time. Shadow of their former self. It would have been a grand expectation for them to play anywhere near the form they had last year. Little injuries for them, no European competition, and.. oh wait, maybe they lost Kante, the PFA player of the year. This may have diminished their quality more than the fans would let on.

I believe Spurs fans should take some solace in another fact. As I had touted on my previous blogs, the Spurs, if they were to have any chance at the title were required to hit 89 points, and that was winning all of their games in the stretch. Granted, they lost a bitter one to West Ham, who just rolled over against Liverpool 4-1 thereafter. Chelsea is on 90, and maybe their psyche may have changed had the Spurs kept the heat on them and slipped up, but the Spurs did not have any ability to hit 90, the max was 89. So let’s tip our hats to a great run and season, and finishing hard. Their current form is incredible and the best they have been all year. I’d love to see Kane notch back to back golden boots, and let’s see if Lloris can’t get the Golden Glove too, what a run, what a season, a lot to look forward to for next season. Pleased with the result tonight, onto Hull City to close out the season, a beaten and relegated Hull City. Let’s hope our Spurs do better than a thrashing of last season at the hands of relegated Newcastle who are set to pop up again. I don’t expect anywhere near the result of last years final game.

Oh when the Spurs go marching in… To Dare is to Do.

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