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The August Transfer Window

The transfer window has been active! PSG landing the biggest catch for what will likely stand as the biggest transfer fee for a long time! The player valuation has grown substantially since the previous year and its hard to determine what is fair. The Spurs have made close to 60 million pounds in the transfer market since they have yet to buy a player. If they have been selling at an inflated price, it would make sense they have to likely buy at an inflated price. I had commented in my previous post of the likelihood of the transfer outs and with what has transpired in the last two weeks, As a recap of the outs, it appears that Sissoko will be on his way out for a loan and permanent move option to Turkish club Trabzonsor, which will be fine for most Spurs fans who were not hopeful of the 11th hour transfer last August that pulled him from Everton. I understand the reasons for the decision it was a high risk/reward play. It has also been suggested by media sources that while the deal on paper appeared to be 30 million pounds, the Spurs were to pay this over a few years with opt out clauses within the deal.Only those who are privy to the deal would know this, but none the less, you need to cut your losses

My take on the summer market is always to try and bring players in before you leave on your international tours to give the new players an opportunity to adapt to your style of play and work themselves into the squad. If a deal cannot be done then business will wait until August before the season starts and into the first couple of games as its too challenging to do business through the matches. Neymar’s deal was speculated since mid July while on tour, and finalized and announced upon their return from duty.

Poch has been in the media, along with Alli, showing concern for the need to sign a couple players to remain competitive and Poch also reiterating the importance of putting internal competitive pressure on the stars of the squad to keep them feeling hungry as to not do so, may lead to complacency among starters and weakened performance. This is especially of concern seeing the additions made by Chelsea, Man U, Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal. Many pundits feel the Spurs still have one of the best starting XI in the EPL, however an injury to any one or a couple of players will show serious weakness at the next up on the depth chart.

.It’s time to look at some transfer ins:

Transfer Ins:

Ross Barkley –  As featured in the post, rumours have swirled for some time that the Spurs have been keen to bring in the wantaway midfielder. He has the grit and youthfulness the Spurs culture crave. He has one year left on his contract with Everton. The Spurs about to send away to midfielders (Sissoko to Turkey, Onomah to Aston Villa on Loan) which leaves their depth chart at midfield on life support. Gylfi Sigurdsson is expected to sign with Everton from Swansea in the next few days. It all appears to line up for him to leave and a deal may already have been quietly agreed to by the two sides, as long as the valuation for him has come down to around 20 million pounds given he has one year left on his contract.

(Likelihood – 7 out of 10)

Max Meyer – The Spurs have been monitoring him for sometime and he was speculated to come in and join the club last year. The signing of Max Meyer may be mutually exclusive to having Ross Barkley come in, however given the Spurs have shown interest in unloading two midfield players, this may be all the reason to try and sign them both. With Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup and international duty to jockey for many players, having the depth to allow key players to rest will be critical to the success of the Spurs while they play at Wembley which they tormented themselves at last year. Depth will be an integral part of the Spurs success this season.

(Likelihood – 7 out of 10)

Javier Pastore – With the introduction of Neymar as #10, requiring Pastore to relinquish his number, there are rumours starting to swirl of his availability. An attack minded midfielder, proven skill on the ball and clinical finishing, he is likely going to be surplus for requirements at PSG, or even looking for an out to get more playing time. The Spurs could use another strong attacking player who could be available for a salary that fits the Spurs model and transfer price point.

(Likelihood – 4 out of 10)

Correction – I should point out that the thought to be kick in of transfers of the young Argentine defender was a done deal eventually fell through as the Spurs decided to pass on the player. My sources indicated a done deal, but I stand corrected.

Ultimately, lets hope the Spurs drive some players into the club for much needed reinforcements to ensure they continue to compete at the top level and for another champions league spot, and better yet, the title!

Come on you Spurs…. To Dare is to Do.

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