Pre Game v. Burnley – Apr 1/17

  We’re back! You don’t know how much you miss it until it’s gone…. I get the importance of the international break, national pride, qualifiers for the big tournaments, but friendlies at the end of March, seriously?!?! The Spurs were lucky to be relatively unscathed after the break, but think about Man U and Everton?...
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Post Game Recap v. Southampton March 19/17

      Well, the game of a half, that’s really all worth watching in this one… Spurs came out strong, with a number of chances early including Son’s strong wrong to out pace the defender only to see Fraser Foster make a great save within 4 minutes. While the Spurs will be grateful for...
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v. Southampton March 19/17

There is a key missing link to Pochettino’s effective 4-3-2-1 line up in tomorrow’s fixture against Southampton.. The leagues leading goal scorer Harry Kane. Ever since the Spurs neutralized Chelsea on January 4th 2-0 at the Lane, you could see that Poch was on to something. Probably the strongest center back trio the league has seen,...
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My First Minute

  My passion for Spurs…. The above picture highlights the beginning. Underdog Club up against a titan of Europe, previous year’s UCL champion. I would have never professed to be a big soccer fan but certainly a fan of most sports. In Canada several years ago, there was little coverage of soccer other than the...
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My First Blog

This is a test blog to demo the use of the front end blogging system Rick is a diehard Hotspur fan (---insert further bio here---) Rick Santos is an avid Hotspur fan and more information may be placed here. I highly recommend a well thought out biography for blog sites.