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Post Game Finale! – Spurs v. Hull

Spurs scored 13 goals in two games and conceded one. Is this how the season should end, when compared to last year? The Spurs almost created the exact opposite outcome of their 2016 season when they were obliterated by the Magpies who were relegated. The Spurs should have had the 2nd spot locked up only to see St. Totteringham’s day come to fruition. This year has been an absolute dream as a club. In reality, they were 6 points better than Chelsea in calendar 2017, they have been the highest point getters over the last two seasons. It’s, again, a great accomplishment on many levels, other than it did not produce a title in either year. It is providing some consistency where they should be in Champions league every season.

Many thought Harry would not really have a chance at the golden boot trailing Lukaku by 2 goals with two remaining until he reels off 7 goals in two games? This is Messi and Ronaldo type monster figures, he still missed 9 games, what could have been for him? These figures will have big clubs taking massive notice, but alas, second place is still second place. Third time may be a charm? They have the nucleus to be a team that can win the title. They don’t need to make any significant moves. I expect Walker and Sissoko to depart given some of the tension, but the key players should still be here.

It felt like the season just started, and we are at the conclusion, the best part is it is only a short wait until August when we are firing again, unfortunately the Spurs will need to figure out how to best play at Wembley and make it a home. They play so poorly there in Champions League. I believe the longer stretch there will create routine for the club and it won’t be anything like the Champions League nightmare. This will also be another year with Champions League and understanding what you need to do to stay in it. Great year overall, no complaints as a fan.

Until next time, I will be onto the transfer window rumours… What else can we talk about??? !

Oh when the Spurs go march in… To Dare is to Do.


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