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Post Game – Man U v. Spurs (05/14/17)


Mourinho seemed to make it pretty clear in his pre game interview. His players needed minutes, different people would play today to give them a chance. It didn’t appear he had any grand expectations of the game. He knew he was in an environment for the Spurs closer at The Lane, they could stay undefeated at home, which is an astonishing feat for the club. What did today really mean for the Spurs? They solidified second place, they’re on eighty points w/ two to play which is remarkable for the club. The last two years being record point achievements. They are doing it with a balanced, young, hungry team. The Spurs looked to control the game, had their chances, could have pushed harder for more goals, but in the end deserved their 3 points. Kane will likely not catch Lukaku unless he has a ridiculous run the next two games against a Leicester side that are re-energized and a Hull side who have been relegated. Do we remember what happened the last time the Spurs played a relegated club on the last day of the season? Blagh! They just need to finish strong even with nothing to play for.

Any drama? There appears to be a developing story with Walker being benched for Trippier. There will be lots of rumours continuing to swirl around this especially hearing Man City in the market for strong wing backs. There had been speculation of them trying to take both Rose and Walker for a king’s ransom. Time will tell, and rumours are rumours. I expect there will be more on this story for sure.

With two games remaining, the Spurs will really only be in to rack up more points on their record point run in history. Unfortunately their FA Cup run is over, stopped by title winners, Chelsea. There is no Europa League Glory. All in all, they’ve had a lot to build on this year. Consistency is important, they are the point leaders over the last two seasons. Unfortunately, this was only good enough to salvage a 3rd and 2nd place in the league. The Spurs are up on Thursday night in Leicester, until next time, stay tuned.

With the season winding down in my inaugural part season blogging, what can you expect in the offseason? I will continue to provide updates on their tour in the offseason as well as their rumour mills. I too like to get caught up in the discussion and will enjoy throwing in my two cents. I will also look at adding enhancements to the site and tweak a few things, if you have any suggestions let me know.

Oh when the Spurs go marching in… To Dare is to Do.

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