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Spurs v. Hull – 05/21/17 – Final Act

Okay, it’s great to try and paint some glorious picture for the final day of the season, week 38. It will be hard to eclipse the Man City Title race where they pulled off an incredible victory in injury time w/ Aguero flaying his jersey in excitement. What does Sunday offer in 2017? Chelsea has locked up the title race, the spurs this year can’t drop from their position. Poch said a big focus was developing a strong mentality in the club to fight through the season. They have played exceptionally well to close out the year, where last year they did not. They played a relegated club and got crushed by the same score line they beat Leicester with on Thursday. We do not expect any of this to happen on Sunday.

The big story lines will be, can Harry, who had a 4 game crusher on Thursday stay ahead of Lukaku and win the golden boot? Will Lloris retain the least amount of goals scored in the league this season? He has been exceptional.For the second year in a row they Spurs have the lowest goal differential in the league, and they are the lowest goals against average again by a clear margin.

The Spurs could not have won the championship given that Chelsea already eclipsed the 89 that I had thought Spurs would need to have any chance at victory, they are on 90. Could be 93. Chelsea were clinical in achieving 3 points when it mattered. The slow start cost them. It’s hard as a fan to by that cynical, but when you reflect you realize the games they should have gotten points out of and see where it went wrong. But a as a fan you can see the improvements, they are on the uptick. They will improve their bench in the offseason. They will make a better champions league run.

Let’s see them finish strong on the road at Hull. I don’t expect a 6-1 goal fest, but they should finish strong and be ready for the new season in August.

Oh when the Spurs go marching in. To dare is to do.

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