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Spurs v. Leicester – Pre Game 05/18/17

The Season is winding to a close, the Spurs have two more away games to go. Demolition already started at the Lane, almost no later than the game ended. They start digging up the pitch. See how much money the pitch will fetch in an auction? The Detroit Tigers sell their field dirt, so who knows!

The Spurs are off to Leicester, one of only two teams to draw them at home (Liverpool the other). It’s hard for both clubs to come out with something to prove. To think only 10-12 weeks ago there was risk of Leicester not being able to fight out of a relegation battle, that Claudio had to be ousted when they were celebrating as League champions only a year ago?

I could see both clubs mixing it up a little bit, the Spurs have second place locked up, they may test the waters a bit with some of the other guys. Hard to keep motivations up at this point in the season. At the same time, it’s nice to also be in a position where you have secured champions league, second place, and know you don’t have to battle like Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool. Man U have a do or die game against Ajax in Europa League to see if they will gain a Champions League berth.

Oh when the Spurs go marching in… To Dare is to Do.

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