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And the 53 million pound man is??? Kyle Walker. I suspect this was one of the worst kept transfer secrets out of the Spurs locker room. We saw later in the year that Trippier was becoming the preferred right back with his superior crossing skills. He does not have Walker’s athleticism but there are not too many out there that do. He’s always lacked finishing on the pitch. His pace and power have been great for Spurs. However, 27 years old, struggling fitness when there 2-3 games in a week. Daniel Levy is a shrewd business man. Had Dani Alves gone to Man City the Spurs would have to think of another strategy to unload their right back, or hold him. Their price virtually went up 10 million pounds by holding them through the Dani Alves fall out with Man City which made Pep desperate to get him. Overall I believe this was a great decision, let’s hope this money is appropriately redeployed for some much needed enforcement through the middle. Our starting XI is pretty tight, but it’s a long season and we need to have back up and allow playing time for others across the various tournaments in the season.

Rumours (Likelihood out of 10):

Transfer Outs

Walker – Not so much a rumour any longer! Was expected to depart, just needed the right valuation and we got it! (10 out of 10)

Sissoko – A bust for the Spurs, it was a gamble after a strong World Cup, but he is expected out. He will not be in Poch’s plans. Recoup what you can, expected departure Marseilles (7 out of 10)

Dier – An in demand player rumoured to head to Man United if Mourinho gets his way. Man U is looking to replace a Michael Carrick in holding midfield, a position that Eric Dier wants to play. The Spurs usually put him in the back 3 with the Belgian towers. Dembele and Wanyama are preferred to him in the CDM position at Spurs. Dier also grew up a Man U fan, let’s drum up the drama! a 60 million pound valuation is a big pill to swallow, but never say never. (3 out of 10)

Rose – Having been injured since January, much has been forgotten with the play of Ben Davies in substitution. Davies lacks the aggression and pace that Rose has. Both Man U and Man City were rumoured to be chasing down the Walker/Rose tandems for big fees, but this may appear for not. The Spurs need to still ensure they have strong support in the back line. He was always the favoured player in left back position. (2 out of 10).

Will cover the Transfer In rumours soon.. All has been reasonably quiet other than the pick up of the Argentinian young defender.

Oh when the Spurs go marching in… To Dare is to Do!

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